Downloading :BaseKB Now

Free Download of :BaseKB Gold

Gold releases are identical to Now releases but published less frequently. :BaseKB Gold can be downloaded with Bittorrent or shipped on a Blu-Ray disc.

Weekly Releases

:BaseKB Now can be downloaded from Amazon S3 on a requester-paid basis. This is a matter of (1) creating an account with Amazon Web Services and (2) using a S3 client such as s3cmd (command line) or S3 Browser.

Access to :BaseKB Now is free inside the us-east-1 zone of AWS; in fact, you can use the Infovore framework to easily process :BaseKB data in-place with Amazon Elastic Map/Reduce. To download :BaseKB Now elsewhere, you pay only the data transfer cost of $0.12/GB which usually amounts to about $3 for one weekly edition of :BaseKB Now.

You can follow this RSS feed to be notified of new releases, or you can get notified by e-mail

2014-11-23 s3://basekb-now/2014-11-23-00-00/ release notes
2014-11-20 s3://basekb-now/2014-11-20-06-54/ release notes
2014-11-09 s3://basekb-now/2014-11-09-00-00/ release notes
2014-11-02 s3://basekb-now/2014-11-02-00-00/ release notes
2014-10-19 s3://basekb-now/2014-10-19-00-00/ release notes
2014-10-19 s3://basekb-now/2014-10-19-00-00/ release notes
2014-10-19 s3://basekb-now/2014-10-19-00-00/ release notes
2014-10-12 s3://basekb-now/2014-10-12-00-00/ release notes
2014-10-05 s3://basekb-now/2014-10-05-00-00/ release notes
2014-09-21 s3://basekb-now/2014-09-21-00-00/ release notes

Using :BaseKB Now


The structure of :BaseKB now is described here. Because it is segmented into major horizontal divisions, you may not need to download the complete product.

Once we have certain quality issues controlled, we expect to produce quarterly releases that will be distributed via BitTorrent. These releases will have indefinite data retention and will be of particular interest to academic users who would like their results to be reproducable over the long term.


A product of the open-source Infovore framework, :BaseKB Now is ready for commercial and academic use under the same CC-BY license as Freebase. By downloading and using :BaseKB Now, you agree to hold Ontology2 harmless to any damages that may befall you. :BaseKB Now is provided on an "as-is" basis.


:BaseKB knows about people, places, books, movies, medicines, airports, automobiles, historical events and just about anything that would come up in a game of "20 questions".

Based on Freebase, :BaseKB enables applications to interact with DBPedia,, the Google Knowledge Graph, the Facebook Open Graph and other semantic-social systems.

Knowledge from :BaseKB can also populate databases on a wide range of topics, organize content, reconcile disparate databases and power NLP systems with unprecedented capabilities.

Support :BaseKB

The production of :BaseKB involves ongoing costs, particularly in terms of cloud resources. Sponsoring :BaseKB on Gittip helps pay these costs. If you find :BaseKB useful, please contribute.

If we reach our goal of $125/month, I can make the full Wikipedia pageview dataset free to access for AWS customers.

:BaseKB is a product of Ontology2. See our privacy policy and terms of use. :BaseKB contains data from Freebase.