Broad Spectrum Commonsense Knowledge

We convert Freebase to industry-standard RDF, to produce a Rosetta Stone for schema.org, natural language processing and social-semantic systems.

 What is :BaseKB?

:BaseKB is a brand under which Ontology2 markets semantic data files, many of which are products of the open-source Infovore and Telepath frameworks. Join our mailing list to keep up with developments.


:BaseKB knows about people, places, books, movies, medicines, airports, automobiles, historical events and just about anything that would come up in a game of "20 questions".

Based on Freebase, :BaseKB enables applications to interact with DBPedia, schema.org, the Google Knowledge Graph, the Facebook Open Graph and other semantic-social systems.

Knowledge from :BaseKB can also populate databases on a wide range of topics, organize content, reconcile disparate databases and power NLP systems with unprecedented capabilities.

Support :BaseKB

The production of :BaseKB involves ongoing costs, particularly in terms of cloud resources. Sponsoring :BaseKB on Gittip helps pay these costs. If you find :BaseKB useful, please contribute.

:BaseKB Now

:BaseKB Now is produced weekly from the Freebase RDF Dump and refreshingly compatible with RDF standard tools because we remove invalid, unnecessary and dangerous facts.

A product of the open-source Infovore framework, :BaseKB Now is ready for commercial and academic use under the same CC-BY license as Freebase.

Learn more and download :BaseKB Now from the :BaseKB Now product page

:SubjectiveEye 3D

:SubjectiveEye 3D is a subjective importance score for DBpedia and :BaseKB topics. :SubjectiveEye 3D is based on Wikipedia usage information for the time period of 2008-2013 and is complimentary to link-based importance scores such as public:gravity and the PageRank score published for DBpedia (see correlation data.)

Just as :BaseKB Now is a product of the Infovore software, :BaseKB Now is a product of the Telepath project.

Legacy products

A few legacy products, described in the documentation are still available.

:BaseKB is a product of Ontology2. See our privacy policy and terms of use. :BaseKB contains data from Freebase.