Broad Spectrum Commonsense Knowledge

We convert Freebase to industry-standard RDF, to produce a Rosetta Stone for schema.org, natural language processing and social-semantic systems.

Wide Spectrum Knowledge

IT systems misunderstand humans and their world because they lack the experience we have living in our world. Common Sense Knowledge from :BaseKB enables systems to understand references to global geographical regions, business entities and scientific concepts from spreadsheets, full text and documents of all kinds.

:BaseKB data can be used to rapidly explore areas of general knowledge, and form a base for developing knowledge bases for specific tasks. Facts expressed in the :BaseKB namespace are linked broadly to linked data sources of all kinds, making systems of this sort interoperable inside and between enterprises.

Introducing :BaseKB

:BaseKB is an RDF knowledge base derived from Freebase, a major source of the Google Knowledge Graph; :BaseKB contains about half as many facts as the Freebase dump because it removes trivial, ill-formed and repetitive facts that make processing difficult. :BaseKB is a product of the open-source Infovore framework and is packaged for use with market leading triple stores, as well as Hadoop and other parallel frameworks.

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:BaseKB contains over a billion facts about more than 40 million subjects, including people, places, creative works, and everything that has a page in Wikipedia.

:BaseKB powers sites such as legalentityidentifier.info and linernotes.com; :BaseKB data is visible in the OpenLink Software LOD Cloud.

:BaseKB is the subject of a growing number of academic works (see [1] and [2].)

Getting Started

The most recent version of :BaseKB Gold can be downloaded via BitTorrent, or, if you wish to run SPARQL queries against it, you can run it in the AWS cloud, pre-loaded into OpenLink Virtuoso 7.

:BaseKB has a user's manual which gives step-by-step instructions for writing queries in the SPARQL query language.


:BaseNow is ready for commercial and non-commercial use under the a CC-BY license. :BaseKB contains data from Freebase and other sources. :BaseKB is provided on an "as-is" basis, by downloading and using :BaseKB, you agree to hold Ontology2 harmless to any damages that may result.

:BaseKB Versions

Freebase releases an RDF dump every weekend, and our automatic process converts Freebase to :BaseKB every week. The weekly versions, which we call :BaseKB Now, can be downloaded from the basekb-now AWS bucket on a requester-pays basis.

From time to time we release a Gold edition of :BaseKB which is frozen at a moment in time. Gold versions will be retained permanently, and are a good choice for newcomers to :BaseKB who don't want the burden of dealing with a new version every week.

2014-11-23 s3://basekb-now/2014-11-23-00-00/ release notes
2014-11-20 s3://basekb-now/2014-11-20-06-54/ release notes
2014-11-09 s3://basekb-now/2014-11-09-00-00/ release notes
2014-11-02 s3://basekb-now/2014-11-02-00-00/ release notes
2014-10-19 s3://basekb-now/2014-10-19-00-00/ release notes
2014-10-19 s3://basekb-now/2014-10-19-00-00/ release notes
2014-10-19 s3://basekb-now/2014-10-19-00-00/ release notes
2014-10-12 s3://basekb-now/2014-10-12-00-00/ release notes
2014-10-05 s3://basekb-now/2014-10-05-00-00/ release notes
2014-09-21 s3://basekb-now/2014-09-21-00-00/ release notes

:BaseKB is a product of Ontology2. See our privacy policy and terms of use. :BaseKB contains data from Freebase.